Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 03 Oct 2022 01:16:57 +0530 en-us Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant Thu, 02 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are one of the trusted Manufactures and Exporters of Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant. We manufacture Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant strictly as per ISPM-15. Our plant has been widely acclaimed for its easy & safe operation. Our Forced Hot Air Treatment Plant is optimized to be fuelled by diesel fuel/gas fired/waste wood fired plant. Features : Supply more than 50% plant in india with complete project work, That plant is run by diesel fuel/gas fired/waste wood fired plant Easy operating systems Zero maintained system Easy transferable from one place to other place Lower prize compare to other supplier Pallet cost is very low approx 3-4RS/PALLET Operation cycle IS 2-3hrs. Available within 30 days Accept complete project work Renewal ISPM 15 plant as per directorate of PPQS. Our containerized plant is highly success in India Our diesel fired plant is pollution free (FREE FROM SOx,NOx) Our all clients are highly satisfied with our products Service after sales is our motto. Timber Seasoning Kiln Tue, 30 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The Timber Kiln is wisely manufactured by using pressurized steam heated kiln with boiler. Integrated with advanced mechanism, it stops the loss of heat transmission by discontinuing the flow of steam and heated oil. In comparison to conventional pressurized steam heated kiln with boiler, our kilns require less maintenance. Moreover, it also capable of maintaining air pressure with moisture of upto 45- 900C.   Features : Temperature controlling Humidification system Exhaust ducts Manually operated Easy seasoning of timber in less time during monsoon Capable of achieving high temperature Timber Impregnation Plant Tue, 30 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Incorporated with advanced technology, our Impregnation Plants are available for clients in different models to cater their exact needs. Available in horizontal, cylindrical as well as footed models, these plants comprises of mixing tank, impregnation tank, storage tank, vacuum pump and other standard quality components for efficient functioning. The plant is specifically engineered to endow the timber with all the properties it lacks for use in the open air such as longevity, durability and strength. For this, a variety of preservatives are impregnated into the wood fibers for assuring complete protection against fungus, insects, termites and pests. With these plants, the wood service life can be increased incredibly. Also, we have a variety of options to customize the plants in order to meet client's exact needs. Pellet Dryer Machine Tue, 30 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Pallet Dryer Machinery- ISPM 15 comes in different models run by diesel fuel, gas fired and waste wood fired. The machinery is specifically engineered for use with automatic pallet washers where it removes insects from wooden packaging material and blows off excess water after cleaning. With excellent drying rate per hour, these machines are low on maintenance and operation cost.   Features : Options of energy source Effective and precise operations Highly energy efficient Use ambient air for blow drying Top mounted model Vacuum Pressure Timber Treatment Plant Tue, 30 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 “WINSOL” Timber treatment plant is used for vacuum pressure impregnation of timber with water borne preservatives like CCA, ACC, Boron and others. Operating is easy and labourless. Treatment cycle process is obtained with records of solution strength, timing of vacuum & pressure with average absorption per CFT of preservatives. The plant can be operated for, Pressure Process Vacuum & Pressure or Full Cell or Bethel process Lowry process Reuping process. Above process can be achieved with the help of operating manual & training.   The Beneficial Features :  The horizontal pressure vessel placed above the underground constructed storage tank. By this no pump is required to transport the solution from vessel to the storage tank, as it will be done by gravity. It makes the plant very compact which minimizes the land area also. The plant is supplied as a turn-key unit, which is ready for operation immediately after 3-stage installation process : Leveling on the concrete foundation  Assembling the readymade pipings with valves and  Connection to electricity and water. The installation is carried out within 4-5 hours. The plant can easily be shifted or re-located to another site as & when if required. To minimize the maintenance costs, the plant is equipped with features like All pumps, valves & components are of well-known standard brands Main parts of valves and pumps are made of Stainless steel In line, filters in front of all pumps All pipings are with flange fitting type All these features allow the plant to be operated for decades without major repair works. The plant is manufactured with latest and most suitable design of quick locking door i.e. taper wedge lock designed which is quick operated by rack & pinion and taper ring designed which is quick operated by heavy screw & wing nut. This design prevents to tightening & opening of number of bolts & nuts with spanners as per old Indian designs. The underground RCC concrete tank is working as measuring tank as well as mixing tank. This tank is used for mixing the concentrated preservative chemicals with water by using pressurized air bubbling through numbers of nozzles at the bottom of the tank. This mixes the chemicals with water when prepared new solution as well as per day before starting the process.   TIMBER TREATMENT (IMPREGNATION) PLANT CAPACITYAND COST ANALYSIS  “WINSOL” Vacuum, Pressure Treatment (Impregnation) Plant having following sizes horizontal pressure vessels with one side openable taper wedge lock system, quick opening door for various capacity per charge, suitable for required vacuum and pressure with vacuum separator tank, exhaust silencer tank, vacuum pump, pressure pump, filling pump,  Piping with manually operated valves, NRV valves, strainers, safety valves, MS fabricated pumping station frame, lactometer, pressure gauge & vacuum gauge. Plant is suitable for process of pressure - vacuum pressure and alternative pressure cycles.   EXTRAEQUIPMENTS AT EXTRACOST Special Treatment (Impregnation) Plant for White Wood species i.e. Beech, Maple, Rubber, with alternative pressure system. These timbers must be treated immediately after cutting of tree with high moisture content. Semi-Automatic controlled with pneumatically operated valves by soft tough sensors with timers. The plant can be made of any specific length as demanded with the same diameter. Internal & Outer tracks and trolley.